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FRED, a French jewelry House, meets SWEET PANTS,
a modern chic vision of streetwear
in a daring collaboration.

Together, they sign a line that combines elegance and comfort,
with an urban vision that can be
interpreted for men and women.

Collection thought around two aesthetic universes, with a common DNA: the color
A silhouette composed of three pieces with a timeless design: jogging pants,
a hoodie and a cap with a logo specially designed for this capsule.
These models can be customized with a choice of FORCE-10® cord, so you can let your creativity run wild.

For this occasion, the jewelry house has developed for SWEET PANTS®
in a limited edition, a unique model of their iconic FORCE-10® bracelet.

This collaboration, already iconic, is an opportunity to combine the colorful universe
and the sporty values of the FORCE-10® line with a non-conformist
vision of streetwear.